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Toni Wine

Who is?..

Toni Wine

The voice of Betty & Veronica on the classic Archie's smash, "Sugar, Sugar" & hundreds of records and commercials

Toni Wine was the Co-Writer of "Groovy Kind Of Love," "Candida" & "Black Pearl," among hundreds of other recorded songs.

Toni Wine 1969

She sang backup to Gene Pitney on "It hurts to be in Love," and with Willie Nelson on "You Were Always on My Mind."

The Archies were:

Andy Kim ("Rock Me Gently", 1974)
Ron Dante (Also the lead singer for The Cufflinks ("Tracy", 1969)
And Toni Wine

The Archies biggest hit was "Sugar, Sugar which was number 1 for 8 consecutive weeks in 1969!