The Girls of Oldies

Oldies Music Trivia Quiz Match Game

Match the names of the artists on the left with the names of the songs on the right
1- The Kinks
2- Kiss
3- Paul Anka
4- Simon& Garfunkel
5- The Cuff Links
6- The Association
7- The 4 Seasons
8- The Buckinghams
9- Toto
11-Looking Glass
12-The Beach Boys
13-Michael Jackson
14-Barry Manilow
15-Elvis Costello
16-Jan& Dean
17-The Monkees
18-Tommy Roe
19-Chuck Berry
20-The Rolling Stones
21-Rod Stewart
22-The Hollies
23-Ritchie Valens
24-Buddy Holly
25-Derrick& The Dominos
26-Pure Prairie League
28-The Turtles
29-Elton John
30-The Shadows of Knight
a- Sheila
b- Jean
c- Billie Jean
d- Norma Jean
e- Peggy Sue
f- Gloria
g- Angie
h- Eleanor
i- Beth
j- Donna
k- Linda
l- Maggie Mae
m- Carrie Anne
n- Susan
o- Mabeline
p- Dianna
q- Rosanna
r- Valerie
s- Amie
t- Tracy
u- Mandy
v- Cecilia
w- Layla
x- Lola
y- Veronica
z- Ronnie
aa- Windy
cc- Brandy
dd- Candida

Bonus Question 1

What top country singer was the lead singer for Pure Prairie League on the recording of"Amie?"
a- Clint Black
b- Vince Gill
c- Garth Brooks
d- Randy Travis

Bonus Question 2

What other famous 50's artist died with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens in the famous, unfortunate, tragic plane crash of February 3, 1959?
a- Johnny Burnette
b- Hank Williams
c- J. P. Richardson
d- Sam Cooke

Here are the answers:

Answer 1
1-x, 2-j, 3-p, 4-v, 5-t, 6-aa, 7-z, 8-n, 9-q, 10-dd, 11-cc, 12-bb, 13-c, 14-u, 15-y, 16-k, 17-r,
18-a, 19-o, 20-g, 21-l, 22-m, 23-j, 24-e, 25-w, 26-s, 27-b, 28-h, 29-d, 30-f

The Songs
The Artists

Tommy Roe
Billy Jean
Michael Jackson
Norma Jean
Elton John
Peggy Sue
Buddy Holly
The Shadows of Knight
The Rolling Stones
The Turtles
Ritchie Valens
Jan& Dean
Maggie Mae
Rod Stewart
Carrie Ann
The Hollies
The Buckinghams
Chuck Berry
Paul Anka
The Monkees
Pure Prairie League
The Cuff Links
Barry Manilow
Simon& Garfunkel
Derrick& the Dominos
The Kinks
Elvis Costello
The 4 Seasons
The Association
The Beach Boys
Looking Glass

"Her name drives me insane." Said Tommy Roe about"Sheila." Sounds like they've been married for a while.

"Jean," written by Rod McCuen, was a follow up hit to"Good Morning Starshine" for Oliver.

Michael Jackson wrote and performed"Billie Jean" which was a big hit from the"Thriller" album. The lyrics are supposed to include the phrase"The kid is not my son." Oldies Music Trivia visitors almost unanimously agree he is singing,"The chap is not my son." Or"The chap's just not my son." I believe the Oldies Music Trivia-ers are correct.

Elton John's touching memorial of Marilyn Monroe is named"Norma Jean."

The Cricket's drummer, Jerry Allison, had a girl friend named Peggy Sue. As a favor to him, Buddy Holly changed the name of one of his songs, which he felt was going no place, from Cindy Lou to Peggy Sue.

Many people think it was the Yardbirds. Many others think it was The Doors, who did make a cover of it in 1969, but it was The Shadows of Knight who had a big hit with"G-L-O-R-I-A" in 1964.

"Angie," a song that was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, was, supposedly, written to David Bowie's wife. However, most of the words were written by Keith Richards. Keith Richards' daughter's name is Angie. Many people think the song was really written for her. "Angie," was a number 1 hit by The Rolling Stones. It was from the album"Goat's Head Soup."

"Eleanor, gee I think you're swell," was gleefully sung by The Turtles.

"Me and the boys are playing, Beth what can I do?" Asked Kiss. "Beth," a song from the"Destroyer" album, peaked at number 6 in 1976.

The late Ritchie Valens went to number 1 with"(Oh) Donna."

"Li-Li-Li-Li-Li-Li-Li-Li-Li-Li-Linda" was a top 10 hit for Jan& Dean in 1962.

Of course, it was Rod Stewart that had a number 1 hit with"Maggie Mae."

"Hey, Carrie Ann, what's your game, now, can anybody play?" This top 5 hit was sung by Graham Nash when he was one of The Hollies.

"Susan, do you have to be confusin'?" Susan was a beautiful song with a psychedelic interlude and was performed by The Buckinghams. The Buckinghams had several top 10 hits. Their biggest was their number 1 smash,"Kind of a Drag."

Chuck Berry was frustrated with his car in"Mabeline."

"I'm so young and you're so old." I wonder how far Paul Anka got with that line. Actually, it got him to number 1 in the U.S and the U.K. with"Dianna," a song he wrote when he was 15!

From Toto IV, an album that included"Africa" came a huge hit for Toto called"Rosanna."

Written by the great song writing team Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart,"Valerie" was a number 1 hit for The Monkees.

"Amie" was really the only pop hit for Pure Prairie League, but it is a very frequently played and heavily requested oldie.

"Mandy" was a number 1 song for Barry Manilow.

The lascivious lyrics of"Cecelia" catapulted Simon& Garfunkel to the top 10 as their follow up song to their number 1;"Bridge Over Troubled Waters."

Best known for Eric Clapton's guitar work and known as a legendary song today,"Layla," by Derrick& The Dominos, was not a top 40 hit.

"L-O-L-A, Lola," was a top 10 hit for The Kinks in 1970. It was from their album named"Lola vs. the Powerman and the Moneyground."

This Elvis Costello song is about an elderly woman."You can call me anything you want but my
name is Veronica."
The 4 Seasons sang about Dawn, Rag Doll, Comon' Marianne, Ronnie and Sherry Baby, to name a few.

"Windy," a song that was actually written by a girl about her boyfriend, was a number 1 hit for The Association. It was recorded on an album named"Insight Out,"

"Wendy what went wrong? We'd been together for so long." Wendy was one of the less gigantic hits for The Beach Boys.

"Brandy, you're a fine girl. What a good wife you would be! But my life, my love and my lady is the sea." Proclaimed Looking Glass, while in a drunken stupor, in their number 1 hit single,"Brandy."

Before they were Tony Orlando & Dawn they were just Dawn.  Dawn were the artists who performed the 1971 smash hit "Candida."  "Candida" peaked at number 3.
Tony Orlando is still touring today and he is receiving raving reviews.  His former back up singers, Telma Hopkins and Joyce Vicent Wilson, have left singing for acting.  Tony Orlando is now touring with Toni Wine.  I hear you say, "Who's Toni Wine?"  Well you've come to the right place.  Simply click on the link Toni Wine and the mystery will be over.

Answer 2

b- Vince Gill was the lead singer and lead guitarist for Pure Prairie League in their hit record"Amie." Vince Gill is married to singer"Amy Grant."

Answer 3

c- J. P. Richardson, who was better known as"The Big Bopper," was on the plane with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens.

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