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Oldies Questions 3

41_  What is the complete name of the artists who recorded, “The Monster Mash?”  Hint: Somebody and the something.   Click to go to Answer

42_ We all remember Linda Ronstadt's 1975 version of “When will I be Loved?”  Who had a top 10 with this song in 1960?  Click to go to Answer

43_ This top 10 song was the theme song of very popular 1973 movie.  It was performed by Wings.  What is the name of the movie and song?  Click to go to Answer

44_ “Here Comes the Night” and "Baby Please Don't Go” were both hits for a British Invasion group who called themselves “Them.”  Who was the lead singer for them?  

45_ Tell the truth, now.  Who sang the 1966 top 10 hit, “Lies?”     Click to go to Answer

46_ Isaac Hayes sang the theme for this very popular 1971 hit movie.  What is the name of the movie?  Click to go to Answer

47_ In 1966 Frankie Vallie of the 4 Seasons urged us to not worry about him when sang…
“I'll be strong
I'll try to carry on,
but girl you know
it won't be easy
when you're gone.”
What is the name of this song?   Click to go to Answer

48_ In 1971, this very popular song, which was introduced in a Coke a Cola commercial, became a top 20 hit for the Hillside Singers.  The commercial was, actually sung by “The New Seekers,”  who also had a hit single with the song, but it was "The Hillside Singers who had the big hit single.  What is the name of this effervescent song? Click to go to Answer

49_ Who had a top 10 hit in 1965 with Concrete and Clay?  Hint: It wasn't Sonny Listen.

50_ Maybe best known for his portrayal of Cletus Snow, this singer / songwriter composed such standards as “Amos Moses” and “She Got the Goldmine, I Got the Shaft.”  Who is he?

51_  Remember when Doctor shows were all the rage?  So popular were they, Dr. Kildare (Richard Chamberlain) cut a couple of 45's.  His biggest hit was in 1963 when he did a redo of a 1958 number 1 from the Everly Brothers.  He took this excellent vehicle and drove it all the way up to number 27 on the 77 WABC music survey and he enjoyed a spectacular run of two weeks on the top 40!  What was the name of this song?

52_ In 1976, Larry Groce had a great big smash hit.  Yup, I'm not kidding, Larry Groce!  I know you know it, the song was addictive.  What is the name of Larry Groce's hit?

53_ Here's a great big hit from 1951.  Its title has become one of America's favorite cliches.  “Hey, Good Lookin', Whatcha Got Cookin'''?”  Who cooked up and served that Number 1 song?  Click to go to Answer

54_ “I Put a Spell on You.”  No, just kidding.  I flunked spelling.  Some one did, however, in 1957, conjure up and cast out a top 10 song by that name.  What was the name of the voluble singer who recorded this hit record?

55_ He wrote the “Love Boat Theme,” “Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song” and “Rainbow Connection” as well as many other hit songs.  Who is he?    Click to go to Answer

56_ Monday Night Football's “Dandy Don” Merideth would declare the game out of reach when he broke into the chorus of  “Turn Out the Lights, the Party's Over.”  Believe it or not, “Dandy Don” didn't write that song. Who did?  Click to go to Answer

57_ Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page were all lead guitarist for this British Invasion group at one time or another.  What was the name of the group?   Click to go to Answer

58_ Don't tell me nobody will know the answer to this one!  This was a great big, huge number 1 country hit from 1982.  It crossed over to the pop charts where ran up to number 13.  It was performed by Sylvia.  What was the name of this not so anonymous smash?

59_ Who sang the 1964 top 10 hit titled “I Want To Love Him So Bad.” Hint: It was a 60's "girl group."  (After all, it was 1964!) Click to go to Answer

60_ She was a prolific songwriter who died before her time. Some of the big hits she wrote included "Stone Soul Picnic" for The Fifth Dimension, "Ely's Coming" for Three Dog Night and “And When I Die" for Blood Sweat & Tears.  Who was she? Click to go to Answer


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