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Oldies Question 5

81_  Patsy Cline had big hit and is remembered dearly for her incomparable rendition of a beautiful song named “Crazy.”  Who wrote it?   Click to go to Answer

82_ This singer has been on the charts a few times but had one huge number 1 hit in 1971.  She wrote this chart topper as well as performed it.  Her last name is Safka.  What is the first name of this  singer-songwriter who's done all right for a girl?   Click to go to Answer

83_ All we teens of the 60's remember the great Janis Joplin belting out “Piece of My Heart!”  What actually is the name of the artists on the label of this record?   Click to go to Answer

84_ Proving that Cher is truly versatile, she sang a song as a man.  In this song, she is the husband who is leaving his wife.  She says, “Your mother is staying but I'm going away”.  This song was a top 10 song in 1967 / 1968.  What is the name of this tearjerker?

85_ They had many big hits and a couple number 1's, between 1964 and 1968.  They were Levi Stubbs, "Duke" Fakir, "Obie" Benson and Lawrence Payton but they were better known as The Four Tops.  What was the name of either one of their number 1 hits?    Click to go to Answer

86_   Herb Alpert was know as a great trumpeter from the 60's and 70's.  But, in 1968, he decided to put the trumpet down and belt out a Burt Bachrack song.  For his efforts, he got a song that topped 77 WABC, New York's chart for 5 weeks and Billboard's number 7 song for the year 1968.  What was the name of the song that helped Herb hop to the top in 1968? Click to go to Answer

87_ This guy was going to throw himself off a nearby tower according to his 1972 hit record.  It's a good thing he didn't because he never would have seen this hit record top the charts for an incredible 7 weeks in the summer of that year!  His song was the number 2 song of the year for 1972 which was no small feat as it was outranked only by Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face."  It out ranked  Don McLean's" American Pie"  and Johnny Nash's" I Can See Clearly Now" which were both sensational million sellers that year!  This artist wasn't through there , however, as he went platinum with another record that year.  Who is this singer / songwriter?   Click to go to Answer

88_ & 89_ These artists came on to the scene in 1965.  They were widely accepted as one of the top groups to come out of the British Invasion.  The only problem with that is that they were not British.  They had an English name and a Beatle-like mode of dress but they were, actually, from the San Francisco, California area.  In fact, they were the first nationally successful group to come out of the Bay area.  One of their two top 20 hits is titled “Just a Little.”  Question 88_ What is the name of this group?   Click to go to Answer
Question 89_ What is the name of their other big hit?   Click to go to Answer

90_ It's the latest, it's the greatest, and it's 1962.  Chubby Checker's “The Twist” had run its course. It had been in and out of the number 1 spot for an incredible eighteen months!  Then, Dee Dee Sharp bashed her way to the top of the charts with her new smash dance craze called “The Mashed Potato.”  "It started a long time ago with a man a named Sloppy Joe."  What is the name of Dee Dee Sharp's super hit that got the whole world mashing; even the monsters?

91_  After Chubby Checker and Dee Dee Sharp brought us dances that required little more than hip movement, and no actual steps per se.  The Orlons, in 1962, introduced a dance to us that was a bit more aerobic.  This dance uses actual steps and flagrant arm movement.  The song that introduced us to this dance made it all the way to number 2 and, sure enough, the dance became America's next big craze.  What is the name of the song that introduced us to this frenetic dance?    Click to go to Answer

92_ In 1992, the number 1 song of the year was “I Will Always Love You.”  Whitney Houston superbly preformed it.  I know you knew that.  But, did you know who wrote it?   Click to go to Answer

93_ This top 10 song was the theme song of very popular 1965 movie.  It was sung by Shirley Bassey.  What is the name of the movie and song? Click to go to Answer

94_ The one and only Elvis Presley had approximately no one knows how many top 40 hits! He bombarded the charts with hot selling 45's through the years spanning from the mid 50's  to the early 70's.  After his last Billboard-raked number 1 megaton smash, he had many more top 40, several top 10 and top 5 rated records.  Unbelievably, as popular as Elvis was and remains, even today, that last big chart topper of his was in way back in 1962!  What is the title of Elvis' last number 1 hit according to Billboard magazine?  Click to go to Answer

95_ & 96_ You could think of this song as oldies answer to “Gangsta Rap.”  It was written in 1928.  It became a number 1 song in 1959.  Incredibly, it was number 1 for 9 weeks!  It was the number 1 song of the year in 1959.  It was the number 4 song of the rock era from 1955 to 1960.  The songwriter's wife's name was Lotte Lenya.  She was mentioned in the song's lyrics.  There was blood all over the place in this record except on the killer's hands because he always wore “fancy gloves."  And they say today's music is rough!  Question 95_ What is the name of this sadistic super hit?   Click to go to Answer
Question 96_ Who sang this big number 1 hit?   Click to go to Answer

97_ Millie Small seemed to think of her boyfriend as an all day sucker in this 1964 top 10 hit.  What is the name of this “sugar dandy” of a song?   Click to go to Answer

98_ In this 1966 top 5 smash hit, Frank Sinatra reminisced that he had been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king.  What was the name of this fatalistic hit record?

99_ Perry Como was one of the most subdued singers ever.  Certainly, he was the anti-Mick Jagger.  He calmly hung around the music scene for 40 years or so.  He sang many hit records some of which can be found on the top 40 oldies charts.  He had a number 1 song in 1956 with “Hot Diggity.”  Still, in the late 60's he had a top 20 with “ It's Impossible.”  So much for being a flash in the pan!  In 1973 he had still another top 40 hit with a ballad called “And I Love You So.”  As it turned out, this was Perry's last effort to help America mellow out.  Who wrote Perry Como's last blast from the past?   Click to go to Answer

100_  Most people thought this singer was Elvis.  He sounded so much like Elvis, he might be considered the first Elvis impersonator!  He had a big hit in 1964 with "Suspicion."  It was a top 10 song on Billboard and Billboard's number 34 song for the year of 1964.  "Suspicion" got as high as number 7 in April of 1964 on 77 WABC, New York.  Who was this Elvis sound alike?


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