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Oldies Questions 6

101_ & 102_  This guy had a big number 1 hit in 1963.  His song was number 1 for 3 weeks on 77 WABC, New York.  Billboard ranked the song as the number 17 song for the year of 1963.  His real name was James McCleese.  After his carrer went nowhere for a number of years, someone convinced him that James McCleese just wasn't the right name for a young emerging, black singer to be using.  So, he wisely changed his name.  

Question 101_ What did he change his name to?   Click to go to Answer
Question 102_ What was the name of the number 1 song?  Hint:  This song was the only hit this artist ever had.  If you know the singer, you will know the song and vicar versa.  Hint: The song was a novelty, or humorous song.   Click to go to Answer

103_ In a 1959 top 5 hit, Dodie Stevens sings a song that would certainly do a haberdasher's heart good as she sings in praise of her boyfriend's attire.  What is the name of Dodie's doting ditty?   Click to go to Answer

104_  This song was number 1 for 7 weeks in 1971 on 77 WABC, New York.  It was also, Billboard's number 1 song of the Year!  The song peaked during the spring of that year but clearly, it should have been a hit in the winter.  For one thing this giant hit shares the its name with a Christmas Carol.  For another thing, the name of the group who preformed it, is a description of very cold whether.  What is the name of the number 1 song of 1971?

105_ We'll let Tennesee Ernie Ford's number 1 hit from 1955 ask this question: You load 16 tons and what do you get?    Click to go to Answer

106_ & 107_ Certainly one of the most popular oldies of all time was a great song called "I Heard it Through the Grapevine."  This very popular all time smash recording started the year of 1968 at number 2 and ended that same year at number 1 according to 77 WABC, New York.  At the beginning of the year, the number 2 song was recorded by a female singer with a male trio backup.  At the year's end the number 1 record was recorded by a male solo artist.  Question 106_ Who recorded the first hit version of "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" which was Billboard's number 19 record for 1967?  Click to go to Answer
Question 107_ Who recorded the later hit version of "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" which was Billboard's number 2 record of 1968?   

108_ & 109_ How can you ask a trivia question about “The Beatles”?  No, that isn't the trivia question.  When The Beatles were hot they made everything else look trivial!  Radio stations played their songs in two's.  Before they were on the charts for 6 months, they had made several TV appearances, stared in a movie and made book deals and even had their own Saturday morning cartoon!  The Beatles need trivia like Dolly Parton needs a padded bra!  The Beatles held the number 1 position on the music top 40 charts, and much of the rest of the top 5 as well, for the first 14 weeks of 1964!  It took a senior citizen to wrest the number 1 position from them in the middle of May of that year.  This didn't mean it was all over for The Beatles it just meant their monopoly had been broken as they and this senior citizen wrestled each other out of the top spot for the next 3 weeks.  Question 108_ Who was this obstinate elder statesman who pulled The Beatles down a notch in 1964?   Click to go to Answer
Question 109_ What is the name of his number 1 hit in 1964?   Click to go to Answer

110_ & 111_  This group had a follow up hit in 1966 with "Turn Down Day."  The biggest hit they ever had was also a 1966 release.  It peaked at number 3 on 77 WABC, New York and was Billboard's number 37 song of the year 1966.  Question 110_ What is the name of the male trio who had a top 40 follow up hit in 1966 with "Turn Down Day?"   Click to go to Answer
Question 111_ What is the name of their biggest hit which peaked at number 3 on 77 WABC, New York's weekly surveys?

112_ In 1974 Ringo Starr had the number 1 song for 2 weeks according to 77 WABC, New York's weekly surveys.  Billboard listed this record as number 23 for the year of 1974.  This wasn't this song's first trip to the top 20, however, as Johnny Burnette had a top 20 hit with the same song way back in.  What is the name of this golden oldie that Ringo revamped?

113_ This song topped the Billboard pop chart for 5 weeks in 1959.  It was Billboard's number 3 record of 1959.  It was recorded by Frankie Avalon.  If you needed to describe this song in gastronomic terms, you could say it was a teen idol sandwich with a side order of mythology.  What was the name of this 50's super hit?   Click to go to Answer

114_ In 1965 The Beatles had a hit with "Act Naturally."  Actually, it was never listed in the pop surveys" top 40's but, like all The Beatles' releases, it received a considerable amount of airplay on the radio stations across the country.  All Beatle fans remember well, The Beatles rendition of "Act Naturally" with Ringo singing the lead.  What artist went to number 1 on the country charts in 1963 with "Act Naturally?"   Click to go to Answer

115_  Neil Sedaka came on the music scene as a songwriter and  a singer in 1956.  Still, almost 20 years later, in 1975, he had a great, almost Beatlesk, year! A song called "Bad Blood," which he wrote and recorded was a number 1 hit and was Billboard's number 5 song of 1975.  Another song, "Love Will Keep Us Together" which he co-wrote with Howie Greenfield but didn't release as a single himself, was a number 1 song and Billboard's number 1 song of the year.  It also won a Grammy for the 1975 song of the year.  Who did record  the 1975 song of the year "Love Will Keep Us Together?"    Click to go to Answer

116_ 117_ Twice, in the early stages of their careers, The Rolling Stones had released songs that the American top 40 stations refused to play.  In 1967, stations refused to give one of their songs airplay because the song contained suggestive lyrics, but back in 1964, most stations  refused to play the "Stones" first release just because it was The Stones singing it.  The general consensus was that the long haired, grubby Rolling Stones were just too much  for the youth of America to handle.  However, by the time The Stones had released their second single, "Tell Me," Mick and the boys had become so popular that the ever moral disc jockeys of the world were forced into capitulating.  Sure enough, by August 1964, "Tell Me" had burst into the top on 77 WABC, New York.  Next came a top 5 with "Time is on My Side" and a dynasty was born.  Question 116_ What was the name of the 1964 release The Rolling Stones had trouble getting played on the radio just because The Stones, themselves, looked like a bunch of slobs?    Click to go to Answer
Question 117_ What was the name of the 1967 song The Rolling Stones couldn't get played on the American airwaves because of its suggestive lyrics?   Click to go to Answer

118_ In a 1959 classic by Paul Evans, there was a guy who had big problems.  This guy was in the back seat of Paul Evans' car and had "Seven Little Girls" kissin' and huggin' him; like constantly!  What is the name of this poor soul?!   Click to go to Answer

119_ This group had a propensity for coming out with big hits that have weird names.  Though their music was classified as Soul, they had several songs crossover to the pop charts.  In 1972 they had a top 5 hit with "Betcha by Golly, Wow" and a top 10 with "Stone in Love With You."  In 1973, they broke into the top 5 again with "Break Up to Make Up."  Then, in 1974, they had another song crossover into the  top 5 of the pop charts with "You Make Me Feel Brand New."  What is the name of this Vocal Hall of Fame Soul group?  Click to go to Answer

120_ Speaking of songs with weird names.  This group got to number 3 on 77WABC, New York with "Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin)."  Who was the late 60's / early  70's super group that had a hit with this recording?  Click to go to Answer


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