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Oldies Questions 8

141_ & 142_  This number 1 song from 1963 was sung in French. The song was number 1 for 4 weeks.  The only clue I am going to give about this artist is that she had a habit.  Oh yeah, and I guess I just gave the clue that the artist is a female singer.  Who is she?  Question 141_ Who were they? Click to go to Answer.
Question 142_ What was the name of her number 1 song?  Click to go to Answer

143_ This song was the last number 1 song of the pre Beatle era.  At the end of 1963, as the radio stations played Christmas music, this song was the chart topper.  Then as the new year began, out of nowhere, "I Want To hold Your Hand" became the number 1 song and, just like that, the British Invasion had begun!  This last pre Beatle number 1 hit was interesting because noone understood the words to the song.  Apparently, even the lead singer of  the group who recorded the song, didn't know exactly what he was singing.  His loud mumbling, moved the F.B.I. to investigate the song for obscenity.  What was the name of the last number 1 song of 1963 and the pre Beatle era?  Click to go to Answer

This is NOT the end.
There are many more Oldies Music Trivia Questions and Answers to come!
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