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Oldies Questions 2

21_  Perhaps as a prelude as to what was about to happen to their careers, Peter and Gordon had a hit in 1965 with “I Go To Pieces.” Who wrote it?    Click to go to Answer

22_ & 23_  “How gentle is the rain that falls softly on the meadow?”  The answer; Pretty darn gentle, I'll bet!  However, question 22: What is the name of the 1965 hit that starts with the question or statement of awe, “How gentle is the rain that falls softly on the meadow!”
Question 23_ Who sang this song? Click to go to Answer

24_ Bob Dylan says, “You got a lot of nerve to say you are my friend.  When I was down you just stood there grinning.”  (Really, Bob! it was just gas!)  What is the name of this song?

25_ Here's a movie musical question.  Starring with Ann-Margaret, Dick Van Dyke and Paul Lynde, who played Hugo in “Bye Bye Birdie?”    Click to go to Answer

26_ Between July 1964 and February 1966, a little over a year and a half, this singing group had 8 top 10 songs.  In fact, according to Billboard and 77 WABC, New York, two of the very most recognized surveys in the country, their first four songs in that period were number 1 hits!  Who were they? Click to go to Answer

27_ Credit to the composing of this song is given to Pete Seger for the music, and to The Bible, Book of Ecclesiastes for the words.  What is the name of this huge number 1 hit from the mid 60's?   Click to go to Answer

28_ & 29_ This singer had an enormous, maybe even a historical, number one hit in 1965 with a protest song.  In an odd transformation, he had previously been a singer in “The New Christy Minstrels.” He sang lead in such songs as “Green, Green” and “Saturday Night.”  Note: Not the “Bay City Rollers” S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT!  
Question 28_ Who is this singer?   Click to go to Answer
Question 29_ What is the name of this number 1 protest song?  Click to go to Answer

30_ & 31_ 
        There was a singer, from the big city.
        He put words to music, very pretty.
        He was funny, he was a riot,
        Even though some people told him he should diet.

        He made an album.  It really sold lots.
        Old people bought it, so did small tots.
        People loved it, and had to buy more,
        So they wore a path out to their local record store.

        I'll bet you know now, his biggest hit's name,
        From 1963, of camp Granada fame.
        But can you tell me, so I can't rebut it,
        What is the name of this parody  and who cut it?
     Question 30_ What is the name of the song referenced to above?   Click to go to Answer
     Question 31_ Who was the singer / composer of the song?   Click to go to Answer

32_ & 33_ ”Don't know much about the middle ages,
I look at the pictures and I turn the pages.
Don't know nothin' `bout no rise and fall,
Don't know nothin' `bout nothin' at all.”
This was the third verse from the great 1959 hit song “Wonderful World.”  A 1965 version of this song was recorded where this verse was left out.  This version became a top 10 hit.  Question 32_ Who recorded this 1965 version "Wonderful World?"   Click to go to Answer
Question 33_ Who recorded the 1959 version, which was also a top 10 hit?  

34_ Here's a true or false question.  The writers of "Wonderful World" are listed as Cooke, Adler, and Alpert.  The "Alpert" in Cooke, Adler and Alpert, is the father of Herb Alpert of Tijuana Brass fame.  True or False?  Click to go to Answer

35_ Bobby Vinton's career, lately, has become Mr. Lonely.  Still, years ago, he had a very large following and a number of hit records.  Certainly, he can look back with pride at his distinguished career.  Several of his records went into the top 5 and his inaugural effort in 1962 went all the way to the top.  What was the name of Bobby Vinton's chart topping first hit?  By the way, did I tell you his career has become Mr. Lonely?  Well, there, I've said it again!  

36_ It was most impressive that right in the middle of the British Invasion of 1964, an unheard of female group from New Orleans put a song on top of the charts for 4 weeks!  The number 1 hit was “Chapel of Love” and the singers, of course, were The Dixie Cups.  Equally as impressive was the fact that before “Chapel of Love” had dropped out of the top 20, The Dixie Cups had a second song break into the top 10!  Many think this follow up song was better than the first song!  However, with the British groups being so immensely popular and The Dixie Cups having already enjoyed an extended stay at the top, this follow-up and The Dixie Cups”soon dropped out of the popular music scene.  What is the name of The Dixie Cups underrated second hit record?  Click to go to Answer

37_ In a 1961 James Darren hit, he was going to run away with the circus.  What was the name of this silly sounding song?  Click to go to Answer

38_  This 1960 song, which actually made it to number 2, was recorded by The Hollywood Argyles.  What is the name of this ridiculous song?  Click to go to Answer

39_ & 40_ “Slowdown, you move too fast!” Poured out of AM radio speakers in 1967.  Question 39_ What is the name of the song?  Click to go to Answer
Question_40 What is the name of the artists?  Click to go to Answer


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