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Oldies Music Trivia Questions

Let's play Oldies Music Trivia

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The questions:

1_  In a very popular 1964 top 10 song Betty Everett proclaimed, “It's in his Kiss”.  What is the real name of this song?  Click to go to Answer

2_ Before Carly Simon's mega hits, “Anticipation” (1971 & 1972) and “You're So Vain” (1972 & 1973), she had a previous top 10 hit in 1971.  What was the name of that song?

3_ & 4_ “You Were Made For Me.”  While you may vehemently disagree with this statement, it was the name of a British Invasion super group's follow up to their 1965 number 1 hit.  Question 3_ What was the name of this group?  Click to go to Answer

Question 4_ What was the name of their number 1 hit? Click to go to Answer

5_ Shirley Ellis had a hit in 1964 with the “The Nitty Gritty” but it was with this 1965 top 10 hit that she made a name for herself and a lot of other people.  What is the name of this song?  

6_ Barry Manilow proclaimed, “I Write the Songs.”  This song became a number 1 hit and it ranked number 8 for the year of 1976.  With its smooth harmonious melody and its tender thoughtful words, it just couldn't quite pass out “Disco Duck" for the number 7 spot.”  Anyway, though Barry Manilow may write the songs, he didn't write this one.  Who did?

7_ Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?  Even if you won't, it doesn't change this fact.  A well-known song writing team penned a song with that name and it became a huge hit which stayed in the number 1 slot for 6 weeks in 1960 & 1961.  It was performed by “The Shirelles.”  What was the name of the husband-wife team who composed the song?   Click to go to Answer

8_In 1959 Johnny Horton had the number 2 song of the year.  This song was, maybe, the only light-hearted war song ever composed.  What was the name of this musical history lesson?

9_ Jimmy, Joey and Bill meant nothing to Sue Thompson.  As her 1962 top 10 hit would indicate, there is only one guy with whom she would accept a date.  This fellow's main appeal is that he gives her all his lovin', kissin', huggin', lovey dovin'.  We can only imagine what that means!  What is the name of this adolescent masher?  Click to go to Answer

10_  & 11_  In 1968, The Stone Poneys opined, “You and I travel to the beat of a Different Drum.”  Question 10_ Who was the lead singer of The Stone Poneys?  Click to go to Answer
Question 11_ Who wrote Different Drum?   Click to go to Answer

12_ Why do lovers break each other's hearts?  After you give up trying to answer that question, try this one.  What was the name of the artists who recorded the 1963 top 40 hit, “ Why Do Lovers Break Each Others Hearts?”   Click to go to Answer

13_ In 1971, Rod Argent urged us to hold our heads up in a song titled, oddly enough, “Hold Your Head Up.” Though  "Hold Your Head Up" was a hit, it is far from this man's only claim to fame!  Rod Argent was, also, the keyboardist and songwriter for a great 60's super group.  What is the name of that group? Click to go to Answer

14_ In 1961, The Marcels had a number 1 hit with Blue Moon.  Who wrote the song about the ding-a-dang ding (Go real low, now!) Blue Moon?  Click to go to Answer

15_ In 1964 Ringo Srarr was a big, well… star and he still is today.  Not as well remembered from 1964 was a song, not about Ringo Starr, titled “Ringo.”  Who sang, or more accurately, talked the song “Ringo?”     Click to go to Answer

16_ Who were the only husband and wife in Top 40 history to each have a Top 40 song at the same time? Hint: It's not Sonny and Cher.  Sonny had a obscure hit with “Laugh at Me” in 1965 while Sonny and Cher's “I Got You Babe” was topping the charts, but the correct answer includes two solo artists, not a solo artist and a group or pair. Click to go to Answer

17_ & 18_ In 1965, The Wonder Who had a top 10 hit with “Don't Think Twice, It's Alright.”  Question 17_You will have the correct answer if you can accurately tell those of us who wondered who “The Wonder Who” really was really was.   Click to go to Answer
Question 18_ Who wrote “Don't Think Twice, It's Alright”?  Click to go to Answer

19_ Beatles fans will surely remember The Beatles' rendition of the song "Chains."  It received a lot of air play in 1964.  In 1963, a group had a top 40 hit with the same song.  Who?  Hint: A female group, probably better known for recording “Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)” and "Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys." Click to go to Answer

20_ According to Annette Funicello in her 1959 top 10 hit, not only did this young man have king size arms but he had king size charms, too!  She also boasted of his king size kiss.  She never indicated if he possessed anything else of the king size variety, like, a brain, for instance.  At least, she wasn't writing in chalk on the sidewalk about his brain.  She only wrote that she loved some guy who was imbued with king size arms, charms and kisses.  What is the name of her Herculean heartthrob?  Click to go to Answer


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